Women’s Pétanque Coaching Day – 15th April 2018

On Sunday 15th April the Region’s inaugural “Women’s Pétanque coaching day” took place at the Rayne Swan Pétanque Club, Rayne, Braintreee.

Jean Wilmot, the organiser of this event, has been playing Pétanque for a number of years and was keen to not only build up the number of women playing in the region but also give more training to those who are either new to the game or have been playing for years.
This day was also a day to boost the enthusiasm in our women players and to encourage women to play in competitions together.

The attendees came from London, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire. The ages ranged from 13 to 83 with a range in experience from novice players to those with many years of experience.

The event started at 10am with a meet and greet in the function room of the pub, with introductions from Jean Wilmot. Jean welcomed everyone to the event and introduced the Regional Coaches for the day, Colin Roper, Andy Wilmot and Vivien Middleton-Sams. Andy and Colin outlined the schedule for the day.

The group was divided into those who played regularly and those who were new to the game. Doubles teams were set up with one new player and one experienced player. The outside play began with a doubles competition with a twist! One team started with a 6 point lead. The challenge for the teams was to either win the game by beating this team or to win the game by keeping this lead and building on it. This was a timed game of 30 minutes.

Once this game was over the teams were given a series of challenging and structured tasks to perform. These were set up on one main area and the group were given instructions on how they should complete the tasks. These tasks were designed to assist the players in learning or improving their techniques in high and medium lob pointing, general pointing and shooting. Team members were given guidance and advised on how to improve techniques in these areas.

Lunch was served in the function room and the group were given another opportunity to discuss the morning’s activities and mingle with new and old friends.

The afternoon session began with another series of workshops led by Colin, Andy and Vivien. These were designed to develop a variety of skills, i.e. for those new to the game with Colin; Shooting and squatting with Andy; and spinning with Viv. Each group found these very useful and swapped around between the different groups in particular the spinning, shooting and squatting.

The last event of the day was another doubles competition. The challenge this time was for the team throwing the coche to play all of their six boule and the other team then playing all of their 6 boule gaining as many points as they could. Again another thought provoking game for everyone to enjoy and to learn new skills.

The day was wrapped up in the function room with a brief overview of results and performances for the day.
Thanks were given to our Regional Coaches for their coaching for the day, the pub for allowing us to use their facilities and to Jean for organising the day.