Challenge tournament 2018, at PUK on 20th October

Following another successful visit from our friends at PUK Haarlem earlier in the year, the Rayne Swan members and friends were invited to take part in the Challenge tournament 2018 which took place at PUK on 20th October.

The countries of Holland, Surinam, Morocco, France, Indonesia, Italy and ourselves as England, took part.

It was a competitive tournament but very friendly and enjoyable. There were some good games and performances.

Holland 1 stole our Junior Ella Slade to play in their team and they ended up defeating Surinam in the final.
Well done Ella!

The last game of England's play saw them win against France to put them in last place with us in 7th. Great joy all round.

Sunday was a melee day with an England player paired with a Dutch and changed each round. Great fun was had by all.

Our Dutch hosts made us very welcome and catered for us each day, all voluntary workers in the kitchen and bar.

Thanks to everyone from England who took part and everyone in Holland who made us welcome and ensured we had a great weekend.