English Petanque C Squad

Report on the Coaching of the English Petanque C Squad on 25th March 2018

ECR players Viv Middleton-Sams and Keith Flack had 8 young people (aged 9 to 11) for an English Petanque C Squad coaching day. Some had a lot of experience and some had little.

We started off with a pointing session where they had to point to a cochonet inside 3 circles. They gained points depending on where their boule stopped. This gave an element of competition and a practice of the skill.
After 3 rounds we were able to see their ability and split them up into 4 pairs, with the best playing each other and the less able together.
They thoroughly enjoyed the game playing to 9 points.

After this we had a game of Petanque football.
We split them up into 2 teams and with a boule in the centre they had 3 of their own boule to shoot the centre boule across the pitch into the opposition goal. This was thoroughly enjoyed with a lot of cheering and clapping.
We changed the teams around and also changed the sides as we saw the pitch was sloping one way which gave one team an advantage each time.

As the players were getting hungry we went in for lunch which was enjoyed by all.

After lunch we split the squad into two sections with Flack taking 4 and Viv taking 4.

Flack did some shooting practice and Viv did some pointing practice.
We varied the session with different techniques.
Flack got them shooting an open boule, then a boule behind a board, then a boule behind another boule, then shooting a cochonet. This was very enjoyable.

Vivien got the players to point to a cochonet through a tunnel of cones and boards, then to a cochonet through a tunnel of boule and then pass a line of boule. Each was a skill they might have to use in a game.

We ended the day with another pairs game which they all enjoyed.

Each player was presented with a certificate of attendance and Jude Groves was given a medal for the most improved player on the day.

It was a very enjoyable day for everyone.