Herts & Essex Summer League

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Wed 19th June
 Potters Bar v  Towers 2
 Towers 1 v  Debden
Wed 26th June
 Potters Bar v  Towers 1
 Debden v  Towers 2
Wed 3rd July
 Potters Bar v  Debden
 Towers 2 v  Towers 1
Wed 17th July
 Debden v  Towers 1
 Towers 2 v  Potters Bar
Wed 31st July
 Towers 2 v  Debden
 Towers 1 v  Potters Bar
Wed 14th Aug
 Debden v  Potters Bar
 Towers 1 v  Towers 2

When teams are playing at Potters Bar, please could we try to start at 7.15pm
instead of our normal start time of 7.30pm as they do not have lights.