Herts & Essex Winter League Table

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Herts & Essex Winter League Table 2020/21

 P   W   F   A  Diff Pts
Chequers 1            
Chequers 2            
Earls Colne            
Feering Bell            
Little Totham 1            
Little Totham 2            
Towers 1            
Towers 2            
Towers 3            
Towers 4            

I am extremely grateful to all the host clubs in offering their venues for our matches
and ensuring we comply with PE/government/risk assessments regulations.
Please could each host club outline the procedures expected before start
of play to ensure we have a safe environment.

Also if I am not at the home venue please could the home club forward me the results.
I look forward to seeing you all again and thank you for supporting our league.
Enjoy the games and contact me if you have any queries, (or mistakes I've made!)
Thank you.