ECR Singles at Potters Bar PC, Sunday 30th September

Report from Colin Roper

On a bright Sunday morning, held at the Potters Bar PC, with the kettle boiling for morning coffee or tea, the regional 2018 Singles competition took place.

Though with only eight entries, Debden Hanbury(4), Thorley(1), Towers(1) and Potters Bar(2) it enabled the format to be straight forward.
Following a random draw, two leagues of four were established.

The morning three matches were played with plenty of endeavour and focus which would eventually result in who the top two from each region were and would be going forward into the latter stages of the competition.

For the remaining four players it would be the `Challenge, Plate etc. to contend with.

The afternoon session would see Jon (Thorley) verses Dawn (Debden), and Jean (Debden) verses Naheb (TPC) in the Semi-finals, whilst Sean D verses Brian (PB), and Paul D verses Geoff (PB) in the secondary competition.

Unfortunately Geoff had to depart, which was a minor problem, though was overcome as yours truly, who was acting just as organiser for the day, pick up his Boules..!! and kept the momentum going.

The semis resulted in Jon winning his to 10 and Nahab to 5. The plate resulted in Sean winning to 6 and Paul to 11.

The finals were keenly fought with Sean taking on his father and winning to 8 in the Plate.

In the main, Jon put up a grand fight and never gave up till the last, Naheb eventually taking the title at 13-5.

Well done to Naheb. And to those who took part.

Our thanks must go to Brian and the Potters Bar Club for making it an enjoyable, relaxed day and arranging for the region to play at their Club.