EPA Inter-regional Competition 2016

Hayling Island, Eastern Region Division 2 - Team managers report

Well worth the wet!

Having volunteered as manager, on the way to Hayling I was thinking why? This could be an extremely boring weekend just watching others and filling in score sheets. I haven‘t ever been to a competition just to watch before and even in the early days of the Inter-regional when Eastern Region ran it and there was only one division, I kept the scores for the whole competition and played as well.

Rain was forecast for Hayling on Saturday and they were right, it rained and rained. The result sheets were quickly turning into papier mache! During the first round or two it wasn't too bad but then......... well just look at the pictures.
The region played really well under awful conditions and we quickly found ourselves in the top three, each round coming in as third on points with Anglia and Isle of Wight above, one game separating us.

The following morning sun lotion was needed by 10am as the sun was so strong and what a difference this made along with knowing they were only one game from the top, the play from the Eastern team went up a notch and there was some exciting Petanque going on.
I certainly wasn't bored and saw some serious fighting competition - Coches being shot as a last resort and then going on to win game, shooting from a pointer to win a game to nil.
Several teams being behind and clawing their way back to win. The camaraderie between the teams was something for those there to be proud of. I saw several times teams that were behind bringing back a strength to their play once the rest of the region, who were able to, were there supporting them. I'd never really realised what a difference support like this would make when a team is a little jaded and struggling. The way they supported each other, was exceptional and I was proud to be part of that.

We had the Isle of Wight first game after lunch on Sunday and we were on a high having beaten Anglia, last game before lunch but we also knew that Isle of Wight had beaten us in the Saturday game. Knowing we were in with a chance teams gave everything they could to win this round as they also knew that in the last round Anglia and Isle of Wight would be playing each other and we needed to beat the Combined Team in our last round.

WELL WE DID IT and congratulations were well deserved all round.

I started at the beginning making little notes about teams or individuals to put in this report but to be honest everyone played their socks off and it would be unfair to pick out one or two games or players or shots as everyone really went for it and if they didn't win a game it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. We had four losses to 12 and five to 11.

Best Teams were Feering Bell, ten wins, Rayne Swan, nine wins and Towers 1 eight wins. We then had four teams on seven wins and one on five.

Well I wasn’t bored and had an enjoyable weekend supporting the Eastern Team and only had to chase two teams from the bar (you know who you are!!).

Carol Barnes

Sweets and water donated by Carol and Ian/Dave and Kim.