Euro Cup Knockout Competition

Rayne Swan PC played Hanbury in the first round of the Euro Cup and came away with a surprise 3-2 win.
Vince Schofield, Dee Austin & Dean Middleton won 13-4 against Francois Bourquin, Jean Wilmot & Paul McNeil. The experience of Schofield & Middleton proving to much for the Hanbury side.

In the 2nd triples Colin & Viv Sams & Terry Whiting, despite losing the first two ends, fought back and Colin Sams carreuxed for game with a score of 13-8 over Andy & Chris Wilmot and Simon Mellen.

C. Sams & Austin were overpowered in the doubles by the excellent shooting of Bourquin and Jean Wilmot's consistent pointing losing 13-2.

Middleton & Schofield once again were too strong for Andy & Chris Wilmot running out 13-5 winners despite going 5 nil down.

V. Sams & Whiting were 9-0 up and Mellen & McNeil were struggling as Mellen's shooting was a little awry, they switched and McNeil's style of shooting suited the terrain better, and eventually the score was 12-12. The Hanbury team then took the deciding point.

The win meant the Swan had to travel to Coventry to play round 2. Unfortunately they weren't so successful, in fact they struggled in every game against Coventry PC and lost 5-0.

Coventry then had to play the Nomades Club from Leamington Spa with the likes of Patrick Robiquet, Nouri Beladaci and Jean-denis Scatena in their ranks and they also came unstuck losing 5-0.
So the Nomades are the team to progress to round 3.

Elsewhere in the Euro Cup.

Towers PC 1 defeated Thorley 4-1.

The towers team of Peter Way, Eric Taylor, Pauline Taylor, Michael Cotter, Graham Penn, Colin Roper & Dianne Thomson

won with scores of 13-5, 13-7, 13-0, 7-13, 13-7 against

Ken Kilbey, Barbara Kilbey, Doreen Butcher, Jenny Suckling, Ernest Botley and Jonathan Sellar.