Back row l-r: Simon Bird, Andy Bacon, John Perfect, Neil Robinson, Dave Covill, Paul Inoch, Pat Watts, Roy Gibson,
Bernie Wade, Anil Ganash, Derek Middleton, Bob Hermitage, Steve White, Jeff Evans, Deke Gardiner, Peter Brunnings.
Front row l-r: Viv Middleton (Sams), Toby Wade, Mark Evans, Luigi ----, Ann Perfect, Carol Evans (Barnes),
John Theedon, Ciro ----, Joe ----, Graham McDougal.

The photo was supplied by Viv Middleton-Sams and we have received from Paul Street the missing names.
(dcd meaning deceased)
Just to complete the line-up the missing names in the picture are: Luigi Riggiero (dcd) Campetanque,
Ciro Ruggiero (dcd) President at that time of Campetanque and Joe (Giuseppi) Pascuzzi (dcd) Campetanque.